For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of watching Woody's visit to the Lake House, sit back and grab your cum towel because Woody is gonna make you squirt. Woody wants everyone to know just how nasty Southern boys can really be. I was convinced that Woody was just another one of those college boys that hit us up when they are back in their dorm room drunk after a night out partying with their buddies and doing porn seems like a great think to do. Woody backed out or no showed about a dozen times before he shocked us all when he showed up at the lake house one Saturday morning. I gotta say that Woody was not only rocking a hard fucking body but this is one gorgeous southern stud. I suddenly forgot that this fucker stood me up so many times before......fuck, I'd let him stand me up another 12 times for another show like this. Woody is most turned on by the thought that all this guys are gonna watch his take a huge thick dido in his ass while he stroked his own huge thick piece of meet. Woody's flawless body was covered in sweat by the time he finished manhandling his own hole and shot a fountain of southern sweetness all over his stomach.
Featuring:  Woody
Release Date: 03/23/2018