Logan - Massage

Everybody's favorite Logan Taylor, is back for a little relaxation with a massage at the Ranch. I love watching our muscled boy Logan, get pampered and get his body explored leaving nothing to the imagination. Logan stripped naked and crawled up on the massage table and laid face down. As soon as he hit the table, Logan spread open his legs in anticipation of of his ass being explored. Logan laid there in all his perfection with his hot hairy ass and balls on display for our cameras. My favorite moment cums when Logan gets up on all fours exposing his moist fuck hole. His hole wasn't the only thing that demanded attention, Logan's hairy balls were full of cum and hanging low just the way we like them here at Southern Strokes. After playing with Logan's manhole for what seemed like an eternity, Logan flipped over so that our hands could relieve him of his man juice. Logan was spread eagle on his back with this legs wide open and his cock throbbing as we worked him to a climax. After teasing Logan for a while, we finally let him spray his seed all over his stomach.
Featuring:  Logan Taylor
Release Date: 02/06/2018