Logan and Gino

I promised Logan that he would be the first one I call the next time a willing straight boy shows up at the Ranch. Logan is a great bottom and he loves a big dick it his muscle ass but he loves to fuck, especially a tight virgin hole. When I first met Gino, I didn't have to beat around the bush about what I had in mind for him. He said that he was open to try anything so I thought I wouldn't waste any time and put him to the test. I figured Logan deserved this one. Now I've seen some tight holes in my days but this one took some real work on Logan's part to open up. If you need a reminder of what it sounds like with a hard cock goes in a virgin hole, just make sure you turn down the volume because our boy Gino is a screamer. After loosing Gino's hole up with some toys, Logan finally mounted this new stud and pried his ass open with his cock to a loud scream. The more Gino screamed, the harder Logan pounded him. Logan barely pulled out in time to spray his seed all over Gino's stomach just before Gino shot his own load.
Featuring:  Gino, Logan Taylor
Release Date: 02/13/2018