So if you want to know my type, just take a look at our Southern boy Kirk from head to toe he's just about perfect in my book. The first time he filmed with us, he had been living in Florida with his girlfriend so they both drove out and met us one afternoon. Kirk is a college athlete that discovered that his pretty smile, hot body and big dick could get him plenty of attention and boy does he like attention. Kirk is exactly as you see him, laid back with a nasty side and sexy as fuck. Kirk peeled off his clothes and pulled out his big fat cock and started stroking in slowly back and forth. Kirk leaned back with his dick in his hands and dropped a big lug of spit onto his veiny shaft and worked it harder and faster. Kirk grabbed hit sack and then teased the head of his cock until his nuts were going to explode. He grabbed his cock with his left hand and rubbed the thumb over his pea slit so he could use his pre-cum for more lube. Then he treated us all when he laid back and spread his legs and opened up his hairy ass cheeks. He was so worked up that his load shot up to his neck and covered his six pack.
Featuring:  Kirk
Release Date: 03/09/2018