Justin B

Justin had to be one of our more interesting visits here at the Ranch lately. Justin had reached out to us a couple of times but when it came time to showing up and showing us the goods, he was finding it hard to step up to the plate. It had been almost a year since I had heard from Justin so when I got his call, I told him that if he could get to the Ranch asap, I would give him a shot at an audition. Justin was at the Ranch an hour later and he didn't seem nervous at all. Justin is a big boy at 6'2" tall with a beefy football player's build. I would be nervous as fuck if I had to line up opposite this 21 year old Southern Stud on the football field. Justin took off his shirt so that the could show us his fresh battle wounds from the girl he had fucked about 12 hours earlier. Then he dropped his drawers letting his cock and ass swing free which is how he likes it. Justin's trunks are enuff to make a bottom boy quiver and beg for a good fucking. Justin rubbed his semi-hard cock for a couple of minutes until it stood at attention and then it was all business. Justin went into full concentration mode letting himself go to that special place as he yanked his hard cock even harder. Justin's pale skin took on a rosy tint so I knew he was getting close. Justin let out a gasp as he milked his pole dry and then he wiped the sweat from his brow and smiled.
Featuring:  Justin B
Release Date: 05/15/2017