We thought we would take you on a through back when Jayden was just a 21 year old pup hanging out in Atlanta and living in the South which is where his roots are. You have take a a good listen to some of Jayden's stories especially from his high school days. He talks about playing with the teacher in his theatre class and wanting to have sex on top of a roof. He makes sure to mention to make that a 3 way. Jayden describes himself best we he talks about how sex should be fun. We knew right then and there that Jayden was going to love having sex on camera and he was going to expand his boundaries as far as his desires are going to take him. Jayden was so fucking turned on that he was rock hard and getting uncomfortable in his jeans so he got them off quickly and pulled out his cock. Jayden tugged on it for a bit and then gave us a good long look at he best ASSet all the while stroking his cock. He rolled back over and spit out his creamy hot load.
Featuring:  Jayden Ellis
Release Date: 01/26/2018