Derrick didn't live to far from the Lake House when we originally filmed him. We have a lot of girl friends and wives pimping out their significant others but Derrick was pimped out by one of the girls in the office of the manufacturing plant where he works. Derrick is represents everything I love about Southern Country boys. He was as nervous as it gets when he got to the lake house but that didn't stop him from showing up and trusting us by doing everything we told him to do. To make things even harder on Derrick, it was such a gorgeous Georgia summer day that we decided to have him rinse off out on the deck and jerk one out in the process. First thing Derrick did was soap up his ass and set the tone by teasing us with his country hole. It was time to work up a load so Derrick soaped up is big cut country boy cock and grabbed the hard shaft with his right hand and started to let the soap slip between his fingers as he worked his rock hard tool up and down. Derrick edged himself for a while until he milked out a pool cum.
Featuring:  Derrick
Release Date: 02/09/2018