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Vincent Stone and Alex Law

Alex Law
What would you do if you caught your boy playing with a dildo? Vincent just came in from work, and the only free shower is in his stepson's Alex room. He walks in and starts the water. Alex, who was sitting on the bed, gets up and puts his ear to the door. He then goes to the nightstand, pulls out his dildo and lube. Lubes his ass up and slides the head of the dildo inside. Vincent hears his son moaning in the other room, and it is turning him on. He heads out the bathroom, catching his son off-guard, unzips his pants, and pulls his dick out for his boy to suck. And that's just what Alex does. He takes his daddy into his mouth as he strips. Daddy then does the same to his boy before flipping him on his side, sliding his cock in, and fucking him. Alex loves daddy inside of him and lets him fuck him all over the bed until Alex cums all over himself. Vincent then unloads on his stepson's chest.
Featuring:  Alex Law
Release Date: 3 Weeks ago

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