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Vincent Castle and Roman Capellini - Fucked By The Captain

Roman Capellini
Vincent Castle
My stepbrother and I were finally alone again. It had been months since we were last together without the family, and my hole was craving his dick. Vincent and I have been fooling around ever since our parents married. I love how his lips taste. We started kissing on the bed and groping each other, but I had to get his cock in my mouth. Vincent pumped my mouth as the saliva flowed down his dick. I could suck it for hours, but he wanted to get his lips on my meat, knowing my ass was next. Vincent ate my hole so good that I was ready for his ten dicks. He took his time, and then there was no slowing down. Vincent grabbed my hips and slapped my ass while opening up my hole. I was the first to shoot my load, but he was right behind.
Release Date: 6 Weeks ago

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