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Sly Conan and Frank Bauer

Sly Conan
Frank Bauer
I never mind hanging with my stepbrother, Frank. We've lived together for most of our lives, but now that we were both in school, we decided to share a one-bedroom apartment. As we chilled on the bed, I asked Frank if he wanted a little massage. He said yes and got face down on the bed. I began rubbing over his shirt, which was fine, but I knew he wanted something more. We removed our shirts, leaving just our underwear, and I added lotion to his back. He was totally relaxed, which is what I wanted. I kept rubbing, but his undies got in the way. I pulled them down, but they were still in the way, so I took them off, along with my own. My cock was rock hard, so I rubbed it on his ass crack as I continued rubbing him. But my cock was pulling all my attention, so I fed it to Frank. Eventually, we both started jerking our dicks and dumped our loads, him on his belly and mine on his face.
Featuring:  Frank Bauer, Sly Conan
Release Date: 10 Weeks ago

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