Six Guys

To wrap up a wild weekend of fucking, the guys wanted to top it off with a huge fuck fest. It's rare that you can have six guys hang out for a weekend and all of them was just as turned on by everyone in the room. They all got naked downstairs and the hard cocks were immediately at attention. Dalton jumped on the couch and took Jason's cock in his mouth while next to them Fernando was deep throating Jake's monster. Not to be outdone, Skyler was already on his back with Alex's cock in his hole. Jason threw Dalton on his back and proceeded to shove his dick deep in Dalton's juicy hole. Meanwhile Alex, Fernando and Jake started at in on the floor. The boys called Skyler back into action so that Fernando could put his big piece of meat to good use. After fucking for hours, the boys finally drained their dicks with Jake taking all the final action as they all gave him a hand in releasing his pent up load of cum. Now this is my idea of a weekend away with the boys!
Featuring:  Alexander C, Dalton
Release Date: 09/12/2017