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Pavel Sora and Jack Flynn

Jack Flynn
Pavel Sora has taken his stepson into the city. In a bright hotel room, Pavel fully intends on seducing his son. It won't take much, since they've been close all of Jack's life. But now, Pavel wants to be closer. And he wants to film their intimacy to have their digital memory forever. Except, like many adults who didn't grow up with computers, Pavel screws something up. Lucky Jack was in the room, who took care of the problem immediately. Except that now, after looking through his Daddy's browser history, the boy knows his stepdad has been viewing gay porn for a VERY long time. Now the time has come to consummate their desire for each other. Pavel grabs Jack's tiny little hand on his and places it on his cock, then drops his pants. Jack doesn't waste time. He immediately deep throats Pavel's uncut, long shaft. Boy services Daddy, taking his time to enjoy what he's wanted. Pavel returns the favor, doing down on his son, who's hung even bigger than his father. But what Daddy truly wants, is his son's tight little hole. The boy climbs on top, straddles Pavel, and rides his Daddy's throbbing shaft. Pavel is patient and lets his son take as much as he can, on his own, but soon takes hold of the boy and pounds his hole on all fours. When Pavel finally flips Jack onto his back, he spreads the boy's legs wide, stuff him full of cock and fucks the cum out of the kid before pulling out and splattering his seed all over his son.
Featuring:  Jack Flynn
Release Date: 6 Weeks ago

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