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Martin Dajnar and Tony Milak

Tony Milak
I went into my stepson's room to get him ready for school. When I walked in, Tony was still in bed, curled up into his tiger onesie. He told me he didn't feel good. I wasn't sure if Tony was lying, but I went with it. I asked him if he wanted me to rub his belly, and he did. But as I started rubbing his chest and moved down to his belly, I noticed his dick was semi-hard. I reached down, pulled it out, laid down next to him, and started sucking on it. He closed his eyes and enjoyed my mouth on his dick. As I worked his cock, I pulled mine out and stroked it. He then took my meat into his mouth and showed me what he learned from his other stepdads. Then I filled his body with my cock as he got on all fours and let me in. His hole felt so hot. I fucked his ass until I couldn't hold back and spilled my seed on his balls. Tony then came on his belly before I sent him off to school. I'm a great stepdad.
Featuring:  Tony Milak
Release Date: 6 Weeks ago

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