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Martin Dajnar and Richard Hicks

Richard Hicks
It happened innocently enough, the night before I took my stepson's virginity. I'd just finished my shower and had been drying my balls when Richard walked in. In the split second that followed, my cock stiffened, Richard absent-mindedly licked his lips, and his mother called out for me to hurry because we would be late for our date night. Only I no longer wanted her. At that moment, I knew what I had to do. The next day, I rented a room in town. I texted my son the address and told him to meet me there. I can't tell you how many times I chickened out as I lay there, waiting for my perfect boy. How could I cheat on my wife? With her son, no less? But then he walked in, dirty after his footie match. All thought of abandoning my son escaped my mind because I realized that no matter how much work my wife and I put into our marriage, the one I'd wanted all along was Richard. That night, after I bathed my son, I took him to bed and fucked him the way a Daddy should. Tender and rough, and hard and deep. The boy was passionate and submissive and let me do anything I wanted. And after the boy came, with my cock balls deep inside him, I sprayed my DNA all over his ass. Only I didn't just come. I orgasmed. Hard. Copiously. The biggest ejaculation I'd ever shot. And every drop was for my perfect, clean boy. My son, Richard.
Featuring:  Richard Hicks
Release Date: 6 Weeks ago

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