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Jerry Kayton and Kyle Polaski

Kyle Polaski
Being punished isn't always a bad thing. Kyle is sleeping in bed, but his room is a total mess. His stepdad, Jerry, doesn't appreciate what Kyle has done and wakes him up. Kyle jumps out of bed and is immediately apologetic, but Jerry doesn't care and punishes Kyle with a few slacks on his ass. He then flips around the bed, pulls out his cock, and makes Kyle suck on it. Knowing what his stepdad likes, Kyle does the best he can at taking it down his throat while Jerry gets undressed. Jerry sits back and enjoys his boy's mouth but wants more of an apology. He sucks on Kyle's pretty dick and eats his smooth hole before slipping his daddy cock inside his boy and fucking his ass. Jerry likes to hear Kyle moan as he fucks his hole. And Kyle does it knowing it makes his stepdad grow harder and fuck faster. Kyle then rides his stepdad before getting lifted off and drilled on his side by Jerry's big dick. Jerry then pulls out and shoots his cum on his boy before Kyle does the same.
Featuring:  Kyle Polaski
Release Date: 3 Weeks ago

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