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Gregor Gilead and Corey Law

Corey Law
Gregor Gilead
Sometimes you find a friend who will drop everything and come as soon as you call them. I have a friend like that in my stepbrother, Gregor. My muscles were fully trashed from working all weekend, and he offered to give me a hand. It started like any other massage. Gregor went from my shoulders to my upper back. He then pulled my shorts down and moved towards my lower back. It felt fucking good, and I could feel the heat of his hands doing its magic. I flipped on my back, and Gregor started on my chest with oil. He then pulled my underwear down and rubbed my legs. As Gregor massaged my leg, I felt him grab my cock. He started stroking faster and faster until my body tensed up and released my load. Just what my body needed.
Featuring:  Corey Law, Gregor Gilead
Release Date: 8 Weeks ago

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