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Glenn Hut and Santi Gollen

Santi Gollen
It's been a few months since I saw my stepbrother Santi. We grew apart but recently started hanging out again. I told him I was attending massage school, and he agreed to let me work on him. He came to my house, and we started on my table. My hands glided across his upper back and shoulders as I rubbed and squeezed. I was getting turned on, and I know he was too. I moved down his back and began massaging his calves and thighs, then removed his underwear and rubbed his warm ass while playing with myself. His butthole kept calling me. How could I ignore it? But moving my fingers across it made me rock hard. I pulled my dick out, and Santi started sucking it, and good too. Santi flipped over, and I stroked a nice load out of his cock.
Featuring:  Santi Gollen
Release Date: 6 Weeks ago

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