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Geroge Hanskey and Jeka Gloo - First Touch

George Hanskey
Jeka Gloo
I’ve been fantasizing about playing with my buddy Geroge for years. One day after practice, we hung out on my couch, and he started touching my leg. I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time but was shocked that it was finally happening. I broke free from my icy hold and met his lips as they moved towards me. I took his shirt off and grabbed his cock. He took my shirt and shorts off then popped my dick into his mouth. I’d never felt anything that amazing in my life. Then we switched, and I got my mouth right where I wanted it. I sucked his cock and then moved to his ass. I rimmed him before putting my cock in it. His ass felt better than his mouth. I’ve only played with one other guy at camp, but it didn’t feel like this. Then I sat on his dick. Damn, that felt good. We switched again and fucked until we both came. Just what I needed.
Featuring:  George Hanskey, Jeka Gloo
Release Date: 2 Years ago

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