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Eric Lenn and Mark Troy

Mark Troy
Every day is a great day to give your boy a delicious treat. Eric and Mark are out enjoying the day when Mark asks his stepdad, Eric, to buy him a pastry. But when they got home Mark makes a mess of his treat by getting it on his brand new shirt, which doesn't please Eric. Mark removes his shirt, exposing his beautiful body, which makes Eric think nasty thoughts. Mark has similar ideas and slowly guides Eric's hand around his young body. Mark then takes his stepdad's shirt and pants off and sucks on his big, hard cock. Eric loves the way his boy handles his cock but wants to play with some dick himself before he fucks his boy's ass. And when ready, Mark takes a seat right on his stepdad's swollen meat. After riding, Eric gets Mark on his knees so he can fuck him from behind. Mark loves pleasing his daddy and knows Eric loves to see his boy shoot his load as he plows him. As Mark blows his load, Eric pulls out and joins him, getting Mark even messier, but Eric doesn't mind this time.
Featuring:  Mark Troy
Release Date: 4 Weeks ago

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