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David Lee and Nick Danner

Nick Danner
After three months of dating my girlfriend, I finally met her son. And from the second I shook the boy's hand, I knew he was a cocksucker. In fact, minutes into meeting Nick, I knew he was ready to be plucked like a piece of fresh fruit. I told my wife-to-be that she would need to be careful with him. I told her my suspicion that the boy might be gay but she refused to believe me. So I set out to prove her wrong. Not exactly a good basis for a relationship but if I'm honest, I really wanted to fuck the boy, too. Mostly, I wanted to make her face the truth. Once the boy's mother and I were married, I teased Nick with a plan to seduce him. Except, when I look back at the way he took that huge black dildo... when I think about the way he sucked my cock... when I think about the way his tight little fuck hole felt as it milked my shaft... that's when I wonder, who seduced whom? But at least I had proof. She was wrong and I was right. Of course, after my brother agreed to film us, I realized, I couldn't exactly show the boy's mother what Nick and I had done. She'd throw him out for sure. Hell, she'd throw us both out! Then again, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea. I could divorce her then marry her kid. He's a much better fuck in bed. Now wouldn't that be a slap in the face?
Featuring:  Nick Danner
Release Date: 7 Weeks ago

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