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Dave London and Oliver Morgenson 2

Oliver Morgenson
It's been a couple of months since Dave London's first time at the gym with his stepson, Oliver. Since then, though they both wanted a repeat performance, they were never alone. Meanwhile, they drove each other insane with lust exchanging glances and licking their lips lewdly when no one was looking. They would grope each other and send dirty pictures with filthy texts. Oh, they had stolen moments... a hurried kiss here, a love pat there... but for the most part, there was always someone near. It seemed they would never again have a second opportunity to indulge in their forbidden desire, but luck was finally on their side. Dave was to accompany the boy to school for a parent-teacher meet-up, then go home and make dinner. Unfortunately, on the way home, Oliver sprained his ankle. Dave, being a good father, supported his son, then made sure nothing was broken. Except now that Oliver had to remain still, and father and son were all alone, Dave couldn't resist. Not that Oliver minded. The boy was just eager to have his father fuck him once more but didn't want to appear the slut. Fortunately, nothing turns Dave on more than a slutty boy. After taking turns on each other, Dave rims Oliver and works his huge cock inside the tender blonde. Dave takes his time fucking the boy bareback. After all, the opportunity might not ever come up again! But like with anything that feels good, Oliver is soon ready to come. Dave fucks an enormous load out of his son then splatters his own seed all over the boy. And once Dave's breath returns to normal, he tongues Oliver's cum sticky hole and laps up the mingled loads. After all, no point in wasting good seed or leaving behind evidence of their perverse pleasure.
Featuring:  Oliver Morgenson
Release Date: 1 Years ago

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