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Dave London and Dominik Black

Dominik Black
Dave London has had a thing for Dominik. In fact, when the boy's father ran off, the only reason Dave started dating Dominik's mother is because he wanted to get into the boy's pants and be the first to pop his cherry. Sadly, the opportunity never came up. Then, when Dominik went off to college, Dave left, too. After all, with his step son gone, there was no reason for Dave to remain. But now Dominik is back in town, visiting from college. And Dave can no longer wait. He must have the boy. Dave lets the kid know how he feels, and after sucking Dominik's cock, the boy shows Dave his gratitude by returning the favor with an eager blowjob. Dave pushes the envelope, manhandling the boy and tossing him around in bed to get him into position. Dave then lines up his big cock with Dominik's sweet little hole and takes ownership, pounding the boy until he's all stretched out and coated with cum.
Featuring:  Dominik Black
Release Date: 7 Weeks ago

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