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Cris Denny and Robbie Dane

Robbie Dane
Cris Denny walks into his stepson's bedroom to find Robbie sleeping in. The room is also an unacceptable mess. Furious, Cris wakes the boy. With the young blond over his knees, Cris gives the boy a good spanking. But as it turns out, Robbie likes the burn. His ass is soon red, and his cock hard. Cris, who suspects his son left the room that way on purpose, flips the boy over. He sucks on the uncut tool then pulls down his sweatpants to shove his huge, meaty cock in his son's face. After all, he can't give the boy too much control, or he could take advantage. Or worse, tell his mother Daddy molested him. But Robbie isn't the kind to kiss-and-tell. He wants Daddy all to himself and eagerly devours the muscle hunk's cock. Except he can barely take more than the swollen, bulbous head. But that doesn't stop Cris. He's been wanting his son's sweet little ass for a while, and that pink hole WILL be his. Cris preps the boy with plenty of spit then works the tip of his thick slab into the boy's virgin ass. Robbie fucks himself, at first, taking more and more cock each time. Cris continues to let Robbie set the pace when he leans back so the boy can ride him bareback. Once he's all stretched out and used to the huge cock up his ass, Cris takes charge and pummels his boy's fuck hole. Luckily, his wife had already left for work. Otherwise, she might wonder what her husband was doing to her pride and joy!
Featuring:  Robbie Dane
Release Date: 7 Weeks ago

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