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Bucky Wright and James Jacobs

James Jacobs
I've been seeing my best player, James, giving it his all day in and day out. But I know that comes at a price to his body. So I wasn't surprised when he came to my room to see me. All my students know I have a strict open-door policy. They can come to me about anything. This time, James needed a massage from the coach. I knew what he meant, so I was happy to help. He took his shirt off, and I started on his shoulder and chest. I kissed James's neck, and I could feel his heat start to rise. He then laid on his stomach, and I massaged his back and legs. But his ass needed a good rub too. I pulled his pants off and grabbed it and could tell this was working. I kept rubbing and touching his back until it was time for him to turn over. I grabbed his dick and sucked on it. It was the magic cure because as soon as he shot his load, all the pain seemed to melt away. Just call me coach of the year.
Featuring:  James Jacobs
Release Date: 6 Weeks ago

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