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Bruno Turbo and Nick Danner

Nick Danner
Bruno Turbo is a big badass Alpha top with a skinny twink for a stepson. He is gruff with Nick, but he is disguising something. Bruno has a major boner for his wife's kid and can't help wonder. What would it be like to hold the boy in his muscular arms and fuck the fragile little guy? The lust for his son is all-consuming. Bruno draws near, presses up against the kid's smooth, trim ass... touches him... and loses himself in his kiss. The muscled, hairy, tattooed muscle hunk knows it is wrong, but it feels so right! In the very bed Bruno put together for the boy, Daddy takes his son. He offers up his huge uncut cock for the boy to worship. Bruno then Bruno makes a meal out of the sweet pink hole, rimming and priming Nick full of spit before bareback fucking the whore. Bruno uses his son as a toy, pounding hard until he sprays the boy's face with his seed. And now that Nick is his, now that Bruno knows what the boy can handle, he tells the pervy slut that he is going to be spending more time in his son's bed.
Featuring:  Nick Danner
Release Date: 1 Years ago

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