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Bruno Pattel and Sly Conan

Sly Conan
My stepcousin and I have been dating off and on for a few years. We met at the family reunion and kept in touch afterwards. Then we fucked a few times and tried dating, but it never worked out. But the sex was always good, as was the friendship. So I would do anything for Sly, including giving him a back rub. But once we started, I wanted a little more than just giving him a backrub. I wanted to taste his dick again. I started on his back so that he could get relaxed while my hands did their thing. I took his shorts off and massaged him with lotion from his shoulders to his ankles. Then it was time to flip over and do the front, and that's when I took his dick into my mouth and sucked the cum right out of his cock like the good old days.
Featuring:  Sly Conan
Release Date: 6 Weeks ago

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