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Bruno Pattel and Leonel Russell

Bruno Pattel
Leonel Russell
How do you tell your step brother that you think they have an amazing ass that you dreamed about playing with and a big cock that makes your mouth water, and you have to suck it? I didn't have to tell Bruno, because when he asked for a massage, he knew what we both wanted and needed. I added some lotion to my hands, rubbed them on his back and shoulders, and moved them down his body past his ass. After staying there for just a minute, my hands moved down towards his legs. That's when Bruno's feet started rubbing against my cock, which was trapped in my jock strap. I got a nice view of his hole and had to touch it before turning him over, taking his cock, and throwing it in my mouth until I milked out his seed onto my tongue.
Release Date: 8 Weeks ago

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