Marc Rushmore and Jeffrey Collins

After a quick shower, Marc Rushmore walks into his bedroom to find new boyfriend Jeffrey Collins face down on the bed, playing with his cell phone. Marc, who believes cell phones can be intrusive and should be put away when there's a chance for intimacy, gently takes the phone away. But never fear, Marc gives the twink-like blond something else to focus on. But first, he pours oil into his hands and gets them slippery with oil. He then pours oil onto Jeffrey's body and rubs himself all over the moaning boyfriend, face-to-face, chest-to-chest, cock-to-cock. Isn't frottage lovely? Goodness knows it feels good, especially when you're both slick and oiled up! Marc, who used to give massages professionally, proceeds to rub his slippery and eager hands all over every inch of the blond. Leaving very little skin untouched, Marc pleases Jeffrey with hands and mouth, giving him a talented blowjob as he builds his boyfriend towards a gusher of a climax. Now, if someone did that to you, wouldn't you gladly give up your phone? We sure would! So, Marc. Anytime you want to lay your hands on us... Wink, wink!
Release Date: 05/07/2018