Austin and Cory

So we were feeling a little lazy on this hot Georgia summer day so we brought over our resident slut Cory with his new haircut, along with our new boy Austin and we gave them each and camera and let them do all the work. Austin said that he had some pent up energy and he needed a good fucking to set him straight. Cory focused right in on Austin ass so he had the Southern boy get naked and bend over. Cory then lubed up his fingers and started to work over Austin's ass. Cory slipped around to the front and grabbed Austin's fat cock with his mouth and sucked on it until he was nice and hard. The boys switched and Austin worked Cory's cock deep down his throat. Austin wanted to feel Cory inside him so he turn around and sat down on Cory's throbbing tool. Austin wanted it deep and hard so he stayed bent over and let Cory ravish his hole. Both studs ended their sweaty little fuckfest by dumping their loads all over Austin's tanned stomach.
Featuring:  Austin Dallas, Cory
Release Date: 01/23/2018